Proceeds from this event are benefiting the following organizations.

Alcohol & Drug Council of Tompkins County, Inc.

The two-fold mission of the Alcohol & Drug Council of Tompkins County, Inc., established in 1965, is to “offer hope and recovery to individuals struggling with addiction and to strengthen our community through prevention and education programs.” In order to accomplish this mission, the council works with Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous as well as The United Way and the State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services to provide public clinics, a network of support groups, and personal counseling for members of the local community persevering through the stages of alcohol and drug abuse recovery. This non-profit organization focuses on utilizing positive tools such as family and community service to prevent incarceration and felony charges to incidents associated with substance abuse. For more information, visit them at

Cortland Prevention Resources

Similarly, Cortland Prevention Resources, a division of Family Counseling Services, is also a not-for-profit organization with their community in mind. Their mission is to be a leader in prevention and intervention programs that promote positive change and build healthy communities. By providing substance specific and person centered programming, Cortland Prevention Resources generates success through creating a safe and open environment for growth. To learn more, please visit